Proofreading and Copywriting

Do you find yourself put off by a restaurant whose menu serves ‘Chocolate Crap’, ‘Streak and Kidney Pie’ or a ‘Shit of Whisky’? Or are you worried that you might have missed a typo in your Masters thesis and have accidentally argued about Aristotle’s art of ‘pubic speaking’?

Typos and spelling mistakes can mean lost customers or a failed degree. I proofread and copy write all kinds of text, including undergraduate, Masters and PhD theses, website content, company brochures, press releases, articles and menus.

This means checking of  spelling, punctuation, tenses, technical errors and typographical errors. 

In addition to proofreading, the correct usage of general English language terminology is checked. Attention will be drawn to unclear phrases, sentences or ideas. Consistency and clarity will be checked for but this does not include style guide compliance or plagiarism.

If you are interested in me proofreading or copy writing your work, get in touch.